Wednesday, 9 February, 2011

I Want...

To live life my way;
To create my own universe;
To be absolutely free;
To smile always;
To be with my loved ones forever;
To see the whole wide world;
To create a home;
To fly far far away;
To be someone on my own right;
To dream the most vivid dreams;
To imagine the impossible;
To write a profound novel;
To paint the most incredible picture;
To read all the books in the world;
To soar away with mesmirising music;
To love like there is no tomorrow;
To spend every moment with my soulmate;
To be loved for who I am;
To be absolutely responsible and irresponsible;
To live every moment;
To have no regrets;
To preserve every tiny memory;
To catch a rainbow;
To pin down a cloud;
To sleep like a baby;
To die happy and young.


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