Friday, 2 November, 2007

jab we met

'Jab We Meet' is the latest movie out and it has created quiet a buzz. The trailer looked promising so I went to see it. I didnt have much expectations out of the movie but it unfolded really well. After a long time I actually had a great time laughing in the movie hall. Kareena Kapoor as Geet is every man's dream. I am sure every woman watching this movie must have thought secretly "hey I am a bit like this" or " hey I could be also like this if only...". The point is her character is like a rubber ball which refuses to stop bouncing. While I was watching this movie I was caught in the fantasy of it. After I came out of the movie hall I was thinking do we actually meet characters like Geet in real life. Or are Geets only found in movies?

Before Sunset

Yesterday I saw Before Sunset (2004) yet again. This was the second time I had seen this movie and I enjoyed it even more than before. I have not this Before Sunrise. Somehow I dont want to see it, you actually dont need to see that movie to understand this movie. It is complete on its own.

Everytime I watch this movie I take this fantasy trip where this incident happens to me. I meet this guy for a brief time and then loose all touch. And then suddenly one day when I least expcet I meet him again. Does these things ever happen in real life? Or it is something which just happens in books, movies and to others?

I briefly forget that there was actually no one in my life like this who can come back. So I go back a bit further rearrange my teenage and create this meeting with a fantastic guy and then fast forward and come to present where i actually bump into him. This fantasy has a lot of potential and you can actually emerse yourself in it. To me fantasies are like a cup of good tea, it is to be enjoyed slowly . Sooner or later it finishes but till it is there have all the fun you can have from it.