Friday, 2 November, 2007

jab we met

'Jab We Meet' is the latest movie out and it has created quiet a buzz. The trailer looked promising so I went to see it. I didnt have much expectations out of the movie but it unfolded really well. After a long time I actually had a great time laughing in the movie hall. Kareena Kapoor as Geet is every man's dream. I am sure every woman watching this movie must have thought secretly "hey I am a bit like this" or " hey I could be also like this if only...". The point is her character is like a rubber ball which refuses to stop bouncing. While I was watching this movie I was caught in the fantasy of it. After I came out of the movie hall I was thinking do we actually meet characters like Geet in real life. Or are Geets only found in movies?

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  1. They do exist. Personal experience thekeh bolchi. Leo -ra thik erokomi hoi. Besh khanik boyesh obdi lafiye jhapiye berai, completely carefree, confused tappor hothat kichu ekta hoi niye khanikta serious hoye jai. Jokhon carefee thakeh tokhon tader sathey ghurleh u'll have the time of your life. Khanikta frustrating lagbeh, logic kaj korbeh na, space ditey hobeh. Kintu actually onek kichu sikhbi. R moja toh hobei. Kintu as usual boyesher daye erao 'grow up' korrey jai, r ageh kishob opokormo korto tai niye iarki martey thakeh. tobeh eder characteristically opposite lok chai. oboshyo tatey problems-o onek barrey. kintu jaihok. :)


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