Tuesday, 16 December, 2008

Catching Up...

Dear Friends,

I have been out of loop for quiet sometime and different people have been getting different info about me and getting pretty confused. Hence this catching up post.

I am fine, hale and hearty, fatter than ever. Recently moved back to my home city Kolkata. Finished my second round living in Delhi, this round lasted for two years. These two years have been a time for tremendous growth for me. I got my fitst job, loved working in the filed of developmet, figthing for the protection of human rights for the vulnerable people. This job was demanding and very taxing both emotionally and timewise. But I enjoyed every second of it.

Made some very good friends, most of whom are crazy and dynamic in their own way. Hope to continue being friends with them forever.

Shifted house thrice in two years, this part did not enjoy, but each house was home in its own way and I will miss these homes always.

Started blogging, rather tentatively at first and then I started to enjoy it so much that now I am hooked to it.

Met Indranil and fell in love with him and we took the decision to spend our lives together. Right now trying to figure our when we can get married.

Lots of milestones in two years.

Time for a new beginning in my old home city.

Hope to write more and also a lot more frequently.

Yours sincerely,



  1. ah!! thats lovely congrats suchi

  2. Wow...thats your first public anouncement ...isn't it??

  3. Oh my....I didnt know about the "in love" bit....thats FANTASTIC!!! being in love is so nice, everybody should give it a try....


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