Monday, 14 December, 2009

A moment of calm....

Picked up this Twingings assorted tea called 'a moment of calm'. The flavours included are:
  • Camomile & Spiced Apple (this makes you feel like you are having an apple pie, the smell is exactly the same);
  • Orange, mango and cinnamon;
  • Camomile, honey & vanilla;
  • African Rooibos, strawberry & vanilla;
  • African Honeybush, mandarin & orange.
I know they are a little offbeat but the taste is so amazing I cannot tell you. I just love each and everyone of the flavours and can drink cuppas of them.  If you come across them, you could try. Even ID, the maha traditional and skeptical when it comes to tea, liked the vanilla flavour.

If you like experimenting with your tea, go for it.


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