Wednesday, 28 April, 2010

Love & Peace

Just read something which the writer has signed off with the usual 'love & peace'. I know it is fairly common but today it makes me pause and wonder.

It is just silly me pondering but do we really have both love and peace in our lives? Can we have both love and peace at the same time? How inter dependent are love and peace in our lives? Do we have to be in love to feel peaceful or do we have to be peaceful to be in love? Or are they completely seperate emotions achievable on their own? Are they actually emotions? I would say love is an emotion or rather a state of emotion and peace defnitely is a state of mind. So when we are in love and be peaceful does that mean we are emotionally and mentally secure, happy and without any emotional stress?

Love & peace...weighty phrase....I wish I could say for definite both of these are in my life and here to stay forever.....

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  1. Peace is what you get. Love is what you give. Neither is an emotion. But joy certainly is. Cheers!


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