Wednesday, 11 May, 2011

Some new additions in our home...

Ever since we moved to this house last September, we have been working hard to make this our home. Over the months, gifts given by family and friends and stuff bought by us has helped us in that effort. Glimpses of some new additions!

Let me start from left hand side top. When Dupu, my brother-in-law visited us last September, he got us this wall hanging. Finally Indranil mounted it and much to our surprise it has fitted in perfectly with our colour scheme.

An attempt to bring some colour in our kitchen cum dinning space!

Our flower basket in the back garden...

This lovely sun hanging with bells was given by Anubha when she came to visit us. Our garden looks more homely with the sun dangling in it!

A poster and a couple of plants to cheer up the loo!

We set out to create light bulb plants, gave up and instead decorated regular tubs with beads. I had these ornamental hooks lying around from my Delhi days...we have a plant wall now!

Our new workspace and book shelves rolled into one.

A closer look at the sun to wrap this up!


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