Monday, 6 February, 2012

Of Greetings, Blogger's Blocks and New Ventures....

Dear Readers,

New Year's Greetings! 
Am so relieved to have made it before the Valentine's see once I wished a friend in that was bit of a stretch, even by my standards, but February, first week at that, is fine, is it not? Oh please say yes!
Now that I am finally here and writing, I must also apologize  for my dismal blogging performance (long gaps between posts) in the last six months. I hope you have missed me much. I sure did miss you lots.
Wish I could say that I went on an exciting expedition to meet the old woman in the moon or  spent six months playing with the penguins in the Galapagos Islands!
Sadly I only have some utterly mundane excuses to offer to you. 
You see it all started when I decided to go off to India. I got so excited at the prospect of going home after two years that I completely fell off the blog-wagon. There was also the usual last minute rushes and too much to do and too little time to do it in kind of problems.
Still I thought I will bring back from India many stories to tell you.
Alas soon after returning from India (with all the lovely stories as promised) the dreaded blogger's block hit me! I could not string together a few words, let alone a blog post,  to save my blog. 
I was brimming full of stories to share, but would they do me the courtesy of writing themselves down, oh no, not they. Unsatisfactory drafts started crowding my inbox. Words, my old friends,  failed me to take your heart away!
However with the new year, I decided to reclaim my writing and hoped that a brand new story may bring back the old glory.
A new blog, Kitchen Karma
In this blog I talk about FOOD, the food I love, foods which cheer me up, memories associated with certain foods, traditions around food, new cuisines I try, restaurants & cafes I eat in, people who motivate me to cook and much, much more. 
Of course apart from all that talking about all that copious amounts of food, I am actually going to do some cooking too. And I am going to share my kitchen adventures and experiments with you. The whole range from the regular home fare to exotic gourmet dishes and everything in between--baking, street, party, picnic, festival, soul, comfort....
Of course this blog, my pet, stays, unaltered.
I need your august company on both my blogs and eagerly await your comments, my unending source of good cheer and motivation. 


Affectionately and sincerely,


  1. My dear Suchi,
    I joined you fairly recently,but I must say that I missed your presence in blogland!Believe me or not, I had you in the back of my mind and would scour my blog list for new posts from you after I joined you - so now I have the reason for your absence!Anyway, I totally understand the 'blogger's block' part because I have that too often;) but I'm really glad that you visited my blog and left such lovely thoughts - they were so heart-warming dear:)And never mind the long comments - they are always welcome and just makes me happier that you cared to stop by!You too are a prolific writer yourself and I admire the way you write - free-flowing and uninhibited, just the way I like it to be!So now that you have no more excuses to offer, better buck up and start shooting your posts - waiting very eagerly!


Hey there, thanks for your comment, let me take a peek and I will soon post it. Cheers!