Wednesday, 6 January, 2010

Christmas Celebrations...

We went to celebrate our first Christmas here in the UK with friends in Milton Keynes. K and A are a lovely and warm couple and have a great home and our celebration extended to well over 4 days. Reaching on the Christmas Eve, we first saw 3 Idiots. On the Christmas day we had a feast for lunch. The traditional turkey with cranberry sauce, Brussels sprouts with bacon, warm bread and potatoes and then we had some yummy chicken biriyani cooked Andhra style.  Some other friends of theirs had come over... after stuffing ourselves at lunch we all sang songs. Yes even me. Thankfully it was karaoke with music to bolster most of our tuneless singing. Then it was time for some card games, involving good natured cheating, ribbing and a lot of laughter.

On Boxing Day we went to check out the sales. But back home it was time for some more yummy food and games. The next day  was went along the same lines-- good food, laughter and games, oh yes we also saw the movie Rocket Singh: The Salesman of the Year.

Could not capture the fun, but some glimpses of the good food we had.

Hope you guys also had an enjoyable Christmas too.

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  1. stumbled accross your blog and what a blog it is!! loved to read the stuff you have written here!!

    would love to come back and read more!
    keep blogging!


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