Wednesday, 24 February, 2010

Am sooo over them....

Reading yet another chick lit about late 20 something New York singles. Same story-- three girls, their sex lives, shopping, bonding with other girls, promiscuity with men, night outs and never ending rounds of martinis and cocktails, vacations in the sunny south, careers or non existence of the same and hordes of similar other familiar stuff. For the first time in my reading career I am so bored reading this, that I am surprised at myself. Come on this is a chick lit, my favourite genre (ok second fav, right after the romantic genre) and here I am bored! It is not badly written, quiet witty (discovered a singsong phrase called "pity party"), but I am so bored. These characters and all those in their periphery in the book are dysfunctional people at the best, emotionally insecure, neurotic and what not and I am actually spending time reading about them. I grumbled so much that my husband finally asked me to quit reading.

I am finally over reading these. So next time I come across a brightly lit chick lit, don't think I will go for it.

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