Wednesday, 24 February, 2010

Sushi the Shop Assistant Part III...

So after being broke again, Sushi was really down in dumps. For lunch she had to actually turn her purse up side down, and collect all the coins to buy a sandwich. Man life was though! On top of this, since now Sushi could not buy any of the clothes, her job seemed less interesting. Now she was less eager to help the rich women decide what to buy, fetching and carrying seemed like a repetitive chore. The women have ceased to be glamorous, they seemed extremely self centered and often rude. Sushi sighed thinking that their mothers had not done good job raising these women, if they did, then they certainly would not be this rude! She realised what her colleagues used to bitch about.

Sushi sighed loudly to herself, folding yet another cotton shirt. These were really cute, but she knew there was no way she could buy one. So she tired to keep her mind engaged elsewhere while folding the clothes mechanically. It had been a long day, she had dealt with some really difficult women who just could not make up their minds about anything. For the first time in her life, she realized how irritating it was if someone tried a hundred different things and finally bought nothing. Not that she ever did that, she was the sort, who kept buying even when she had no money. She smiled ruefully at herself, this job has actually made her grow up. Here she was in the middle of all these goodies and she was not even feeling sad that she cannot buy them. She thought to herself, "Snow would be really proud of me if he ever knew, not that I would tell him."

Sushi's legs were aching from the high heels that the manager insisted they wear and constant moving around, she could feel a headache starting to form at the back of her head. Today it was her duty to do the final check and lock up the store. She stacked the shirts and started restocking some rather depleted shelves. Her other colleagues went out, and her manager was on the phone ordering stock. 
Sushi switched the security code from day to night alarm and decided to do a quick check of the premises before starting the lock up procedure. She was just about to switch off the light in one of the trail rooms, when she saw a part of black longish thing  peeping out from behind the stool. She bent down and pulled it out. It was a lady's wallet, made of soft black leather. She opened the wallet to see it stacked with notes and loads of cards. Taking out the driving license she saw it was one of those really difficult ladies who had come in late afternoon. She was horrible, had been downright rude and short with her and tried about a thousand different things before not buying anything. Staring at all the money inside, for one moment Sushi thought that if she just used the cash and threw away all the cards, then also all her monetary problems would be solved. While she was sitting half crouched debating what to do, her manager announced that she was off and walked out. Now Sushi was alone in the shop holding a wallet full of money.

She decided to debate about it on her way back, so she put the rescued wallet in her bag and finished locking the shop.

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