Sunday, 2 January, 2011

A perfect moment...

After a late lunch on this lazy holiday, I decided to finish the book I am currently reading, while Indranil was back to his computer. We were sitting in our living room, each occupying one sofa. Soon I slid down and was lying, rather than sitting on the sofa. Indranil kindly covered me with a shawl and drew the curtains, our blue lamp threw a gentle ray of light, half illuminating the room, hardly disturbing me. Indranil kept telling me not to fall asleep, I kept telling him that I will not. I was just being cosy. But soon I was in dreamland....I felt light as a feather, slowing drifting towards something nice and warm. And then I had a vivid dream, I do not remember exactly what it was all about, but it was nice and soothing. The kind of dream which makes you feel protected and taken care of and makes you smile in your sleep.

But I was not allowed to sleep for long, soon enough I smelt nice strong coffee. Before long my husband was holding  a big mug of coffee right my under my nose. I woke up feeling like I had the most perfect nap and waking up. Now coffee and some nice German chocolates.

Moments like these make life so nice.

Photo courtesy Anurita De.

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  1. u gotta such a carrying hubby...well happy new year to's been long I have not read ur blog...keep writing..


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