Thursday, 1 March, 2012

Postcards From Holiday...

Few days  in a charming sea side town, walking along the sandy beach, roaming  in the markets, meeting nice people, eating good food, soaking in a bit of culture and of course shopping! The weather was really mild which made walks and sitting on the beach a pleasure. The sun was also up and about, keeping us company :-)

Gazing at the sea is such a pleasure....I love to watch the waves come crashing on the sand and the way white foam covers the beach like a coffee overspill...

Since it was off season the beach was pretty empty...which suited us just fine...

 Who doesn't like a little me time on his/her own? I sure do :-)

Imagine working in such a cool office! People kept flocking over to this guy and was chatting with him...maybe they wanted to know if there were any vacancies? :-)

 Yes it is a toy train...yes in the middle of a busy town centre...yes it works, very much so...yes, yes adults get to ride on it as starts from the beach and huffs and puffs its way up the cliffs to this quaint little town...all the kids we passed, stopped doing whatever they were doing (building sand castles, running around, playing, chasing after their dogs, pestering their parents, licking ice lollies) and waved like mad....we waved right back :-)

 Now for some couple time...

This little boy had a great time playing with the waves...his parents were sitting a little away...he occasionally looked back to check on them, reassured that they were still there, he played on....sea waves make great playmates...did you ever befriend them? 

A beach experience is never complete without an ice it a multicoloured lolly or a cone!

Leaving you with this quintessential roundabout photo without which no English pier is I loved these rides as a little girl.....


  1. Loved going through these pics especially on a day like today when it's totally gloomy outside.Your pics made me think of the warm sun, the sea and the sand..And I absolutely love the couple pic :) And yes, wouldn't mind working at the seafront office :p

  2. Sounds like a delightful holiday, that!

  3. beautiful pics.. feeling peacefully refreshed by just gazing at em.
    and 'm takin up your suggestion about rationing blog time :).. cuz the mind works in funny ways.. so far as i had blogspot was on ban, i used to think of a new blog idea every day.. after using an hour a day strategy i have 3 drafts, and i also figured i am incredibly lazy at finishing stuff :) laters!

  4. beautiful pictures..lucky you!!!
    I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.

  5. hi,check my blog,i have nominated u for an award

  6. Looks like you had a very fun time! I love the beach...XoXo

  7. Very nice pictures:)thxs for sharing

  8. nice pics... ice cream one was nice

  9. When I visit this blog is like travelling... Thank you so much!

  10. Hey beautiful post cards :D I once worked in an office I can see sea from my desk its amazing... I am big fan of sea too Ice cream looks yummm :D

  11. I too want a kool office :-) Nice post and lovely post cards

  12. Lovely pictures!!!! :) I'm your new follower here Suchi!! :)

  13. Thx for sharing these photos and experience...

  14. Hi Suchi,
    Quite lovely looking through these photos...nothing like sitting on the beach, I guess...sublime, isn't it? Thx for sharing...


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