Tuesday, 18 March, 2008

My little nephew

Some days I just get an idea and I write at breakneck speed, disregarding grammar and spelling, and some days like today I want to write but don’t know quiet what to.
Ok let me talk about my nephew. I have an assortment of three nephews and one niece from my closest cousins. Each is precious in his/her own way. But today let me talk about Subham. He is an extremely energetic and awfully cute, about to be two individual. He is the sweetest angel-faced, rather naughty imp. Since we both live in Delhi and I get to meet him quiet often we have become pretty close. Whenever I ring the bell to my cousin and sister-in-law’s house I can hear him shouting excitedly “Tinku pishi (Tinku is my pet name and pishi is aunt in Bangla) has come! Tinku pishi has come!”. The moment I enter he has to show me some of his new toy, if not then tell me something very important. He usually gets so excited that he keeps running round and round in circles. This last weekend I was in their house. Lately my nephew has started talking in full sentences. All of Saturday evening he told me stories about a certain tiger whom my brave nephew had scared away. Then on Sunday his parents had to briefly go out, in order to divert his attention I started to tell him a story. Soon Subham got so engrossed that I just could not stop. My story whose hero was Shubham and villain was a big, bad tiger kept going round and round. Super energetic Subham sat still listening with his full attention. At one point he got scared so he shifted base from the couch to my lap. But he kept listening and asking questions whenever he needed clarification especially for the part where he bravely scares the tiger! That set the mood for the day, even after his parents returned home the story continued. I think I told him the same story over and over again for about 30 times. I started with a long story but as time progressed I kept shortening the story. But my nephew kept laughing and having fun. Kids are so innocent. I pray he always remains this happy.
His phone conversation is also worth talking about. Before whenever my brother called, he would take the phone from me and say very solemnly “ Kaka ekta chotto chocolate dao na go please” (Uncle please give me one small chocolate, small because his mom scolds if he wants any chocolate so negotiation between mother and son is that Subham will settle for a small piece of chocolate.) But lately Subham would start telling his tiger story to my brother who is calling from Mumbai. he is fun to watch while talking on the phone.
Sunday evening when it was time for me to return my home, Subham was cranky and tired by then, so I promised to get him a bus the next time I come, provided he does not cry when I leave. Yesterday I got this call from my aunt that Subham was waiting for the bus I promised him. Today also my cousin said that Subham was asking about Tinku pishi and the bus that he has been promised.
Bus coming your way Subham. Love you baby. When you grow up and I grow old I can show you this post, specially when you wont believe all the stories about how naughty you were as a kid.

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  1. extremely beautiful class of writing. story telling is an important art and especially when u have kids to listen. even i rem my cousin FAISAL 7 yrs., when my father narrates about one Dhunia maharaj and Lion, he gets so involved that he goes out for a while just waiting to end the fearful part. great going suchi


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