Thursday, 13 March, 2008

Canada Chronicles: Walking in Toronto

Today is a great day in Delhi weather wise. It is a cloudy day with a slight breeze. It reminds me of a typical June day in Toronto. I spent summer of 2006 lazing around in Toronto. School was over but not my scholarship. So I could spend lazy days, reading as much as I want to (Canadian public library is just awesome), watching all the movies on my ‘to-see’ list and going for long walks. Every afternoon I used to go walking for an hour or two.
My favourite walk was to go all the way from Bathurst and College (where I used to stay) to Spadina Quay. The Quay is beautiful and I will put up some of the pictures I have. After walking I used to go and sit on the wooden benches and watch the boats passing by or the ducks playing. There used to be some amazing yatches parked. The quay used to be empty during the weekday afternoons. An occasional couple or some Japanese or Korean tourist taking photographs. I used to sit there with a book or just sit and stare at the blue green water of Lake Ontario. Just next to the quay was the musical garden but oddly enough I never ventured in there.
Another of my favourite walk in Toronto was all the way down Queen Street. While the walk to the Spadina Quay was full of greenery, walk down Queen Street was getting a taste of the city of Toronto. It was an eclectic mix of various kinds of shops, tattoo and body piercing boutiques, bookstalls, restaurants and hamburger stalls to name some. There were some Nigerian guys selling junk jewelry. Once I crossed these the cosmetic shops used to start in a line like the Body Shop etc. And then my favourite restaurants used to start. There were about 8 to 9 Indian restaurants like Little India in a row who used to serve great buffet lunch.
Remembering Toronto is making me feel nostalgic and I wish I could go back to meet my friends and explore the city once more.

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