Monday, 17 March, 2008

New blog friend

A very nice thing happened today. I was as usual feeling sleepy and extremely bored post lunch. Suddenly someone pinged me in Gtalk. It was my colleague Muthamma from Bangalore. I have meet Muthamma a couple of times in our organization’s annual meetings. But never had the chance to interact much or get to know her. All I knew about her is that she works on Disability Rights and has two very cute daughters. The other day I had to send her some presentation urgently, as usual our office server was slow, so we exchanged our gmail ids.
Muthamma pinged me today to say that she has read my blog and liked it. I feel really good when someone takes time out to actually read my postings. Right now it is the best compliment anyone can pay me! After I have felt smug enough, we moved from my blog to her daughters and how brave I think her to be. Being a fulltime professional she has two babies. She made light of her responsibilities but I am still awestruck. Finally our conversation turned to books. We both discovered that the other is an avid reader. We barely chatted for half an hour. But there are times like this when just half an hour does the magic-- our wavelengths match amazingly. I wish all my afternoons are this interesting.
Cheers to my new friend.

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