Tuesday, 13 May, 2008

Logical Women, mmm, maybe Women and Logic?? Oh no...

‘Women Love gadgets more than Gucci shoes. Surprised?’ http://in.news.yahoo.com/hindustantimes/20080512/r_t_ht_tc_software/ttc-gadget-queens-c38d903.html
This article came up on yahoo page when I went to check my emails. Sometimes, if I have the time I read a couple of articles with catchy titles. This was one of them. Hmmm so women, especially professional women prefer laptops and mobile phones to diamonds and designer clothes! Why am I not surprised? The women this article talks about all seem to be busy professionals and I am sure needs to be every bit as organized and efficient, if not more, like their male counterparts. Why do at every instance of women being efficient or rational or logical such surprise is generated?
What is the surprise? That a bunch of extremely busy working women would prefer carrying a laptop or a cell phone going to office rather than wearing Gucci and Prada. Isn’t it time we gave women a little credit for all their efficiency and stop being surprised at it? The very idea of this inconsequential bit of news being turned into research and eventually an article seems insulting to me.

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