Monday, 19 May, 2008

Lovely Delhi rains

Delhi weather has been really awesome recently…a couple of thunderstorms and rains…Bombaywallahs and Kolkatans living in Delhi both are claiming that delhi is going their city’s way…well me thinks Delhi is definitely going Kolkata way.
And in our new terrace with which I am so much in love rains take on a different dimension. Like I have already mentioned in one of my previous write-ups our house is in the corner plot, facing a park and also has another park on its left-hand. So while it is raining you get to see only green.
Last week while it was raining I was home alone. I stood on the terrace and sang to my heart’s delight, albeit off tune “eei meghla din ee ekla ghor ee lagenako mon” (An old Hemanta Mukherjee songs loosely translated ‘on this cloudy day am alone and home and not feeling happy about it’ or some such…ok while doing this loose translation I realized that I will not make a translation…boring job). It was lovely.
Today also I got up really late and that too severely afflicted by Monday blues. And then I peeped outside and saw it was cloudy and threatening to rain. Soon it started pitter-patter and lordy there I was again getting wet and feeling heavenly. So next time if you wanna enjoy the rare Delhi rains be sure to catch it on our terrace. And it would be better if you come equipped with some pakodas and jalebis.


  1. Thanks for the invite dear. Will certainly bring in the savouries if you promise to make me a hot cuppa...

  2. hey muthu i wld definitely make u cuppas....:)doing the rains togather wld be fun...

  3. he he .. pakoda aar jilipi ta sponsor kor... ammo aschhi :)

  4. Hey there gurl!!! this doesnt look like our house at all! and you want people to come only with pakodas??? what about...????

  5. you are going to supply dat na :) so no need asking the guests :) !!!!


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