Friday, 23 May, 2008

Apna Sapna Money Money [Plant!]

Phew you must be wondering how can someone’s dream be money plant? I mean if I had been dreaming about money [which I do at times, especially when my pay check comes and vanishes under my very snub nose] that would make some sense. Let me tell you the money plant story.
Now you know we have shifted to this incredible terrace house, Anubha has hung some very pretty bells there (some of which has flown away in the last few storms) and I have got us some lovely Pipli lampshades ( I am smarter and hung them and then took them off immediately). Now what was missing was some green. I confess that my fingers have no green jadu (magic). But Anubha claims that hers are, yet to be checked!
Which is the easiest green thing to keep, zero cost and maintenance? Of course it is the money plant. We kept planning to get some, but somehow never got around to it. Then yesterday Anubha and me, we were walking back home around 10ish in the evening [now if you are thinking that we have gone athletic, sadly we haven’t, we just ate way too much Indian Chinese and wanted to digest some of it] when we were appreciating all the flower and basically green pots displayed in people’s verandahs and windows. Of course we remembered that we had not churaoed (stolen) any money plant. In one galli (lane) we found some and were about to try our hands but a choukidar (security guard) was sitting, giving us weird looks, so we backed off. Now Anubha is a fiery lawyer and is not afraid of anything or so I thought, but there she was cowering from stealing money plant! Anyways we walked some more and ventured into the lane next to our house. There were some five/six pots of money plant waiting to be stolen by us. But so were a man, standing in front of his house, creating nonsense and hindering us in our mission. So we walked by, pretending to be just passers by. Thank god the man got bored and went inside. So I suggested that we turn back and do what we had come to do. Anubha wanted to drop it but I boldly marched on. We picked up two/three stems as quickly as possible and was almost running, fully expecting to hear the whole mohallah (area) screaming ‘Chor! Chor!” (Thief! Thief!) behind us. Thankfully the sensible residents did not. And now our house has money plant displayed in vodka bottles. Next week we have decided to venture for the next round of collection.


  1. bells, pipli lampshades and the twining green of money plant...sounds pretty as a picture.
    hope you girls get a better booty next week :P

  2. hey thanks :-)yeah next time we are planning on bringing our braver room mate on this adventure...when she heard our saga she said that she would be better than us any day....!

  3. sometimes we really do funny things as we r bored with usual daily childhood days,stolen unriped mangoes were tastier than riped but purchased one!!!why dont u write bout NHRC Experience?


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