Wednesday, 12 November, 2008

Eating lunch...

'Little Miss Muffet sat on a tuffet,
Eating her curds and whey.'
Just like Miss Muffet, today I am sitting alone in front of my computer, eating my lunch. In fact while eating I am taking a little break from my work and stress and writing.
Today's lunch is unique. I do not remember when was the last time I had lunch alone in this office. Eating lunch alone is definitely not fun. They guy in the picture looks happy wearing suit, sitting on the ground eating sushi. But I am sure I look aboslutely the opposite.
In this office, initially we had a big gang for lunch-- Aaatreyee, Priya, Aparna, Rekha, Elisabeth, Smriti, me and sometimes Anubha, Jayshree, Aagney, Anant, Vipin and Jai. Whoever is visting us would also join. About 8/9 of us would gather, lunch boxes would open, food would get delivered and pandemonium would ensue. 10 minutes prior to lunch we would be calling each other on our extensions and remind that it is about to be 1 p.m. (our designated lunch time). Choosing the place for lunch (whose desk it is going to be that day) was also a matter of research. Some of us like Aparna and me, we were/are the early birds, reaching the lunch spot at exactly the right time, others would always be late and need 4/5 reminder calls like Rekha and Anubha. Finally when everyone had gathered, those lucky ones living with family would open home made lunches while types like me would open yet another chowmien packet from China Hut.
The ordering option in Jangpura is punjabi style chinese from China Hut, paranthas from Simple provided they have delivery boys, sandwiches from Hawkers, thali from Panditayan and sweets and samosa type snacks from Kadmi. So for us the food option would be from one of these places. Since China Hut is the only non vegetarian choise in the option I frequent China Hut. So much so now a days whenever I call them they know who I am, what food I am going to order, so the conversation ends before it begins.
Mostly we would be eating whatever is on display. Rekha is one consistent good cook in the gang. She always gets up at 5 am to cook and brings yummy stuff. With the food there would be great conversation-- we would be teasing each other, pulling our own legs mercilessly, gossip and bitch, joke and laugh, discussing politics mostly office politics, love, men, make plans for the evening. Sometimes our big boss Colin would join in for a bite before rushing off to somewhere. The gang started decreasing with Priya's leaving, Aatreyee and Smriti also there is just Aparna, Rekha, me and sometimes Jayshree. On days like today all three are out of office and hence am eating lunch alone.
I am going to miss the full house HRLN lunch.

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