Tuesday, 11 November, 2008


Right now I am experiencing very high level of stress.

Ask me why? Even if you dont want to, lemme tell you...

I am quiting this present job of mine---loads of work to finish before I go-- not in the mood to work at all, but then how will I finish my work and get going?
Relocating to Kolkata at the end of this month-- frantically looking for a mover & packer who will not rip me, yet provide door to door service...calling them from morning....office people are giving wierd suggestions and cracking inane jokes which are not helping me at all. Why cant people know just when to crack jokes and when not to? Hope I am not this insensitive to others in plight or stress.
Travelling for the coming ten days for which shopping & packing still to finish-- lots left in the to do list.

So there are two parallel packing going on in my life--wrapping up two years of stuff, junk, memories and lots of unnecessary things is no mean job. At least it is freaking me completely. Also when I start doing something, I remember something else to do and then midway I get confused as to which one I should be doing first.

Right now it is a vicious vicious circle...am too stressed to finish stuff, since pending list is growing longer by the minute my stress level is shooting up.

Ok Suchismita, cool down my girl. Take a deep breathe and relax. It is just a mere transitory phase and soon you would be able to laugh over your stress like your officewallahs.

But what do I do till I get over this stress? Well bugger over it girl. I can almost see the sneer on the face of the men saying " this is the reason why we dont want women to be too independent...they fall apart everytime there is a crisis..."...!!!!!! At the risk of sounding helpless female I wish I had someone to help me with this. Not feeling too strong or independent right now...


  1. Sweetheart!!!! will you stop, take a deep breath, or maybe 4 more, and just finish office work!!! the rest will be taken care of... tonight, I promise, just dont get stressed and pissed off babe, u are gonna go, and u will miss this fish market of an office like hell, so just be part of it till u can and chill babe!

  2. Totally agree with Anu......and hey atleast you are being honest about the way you feel. Men goof up and still do not accept that they have made hell........Love you girl. Take Anu's advice

  3. It is a proven fact that the three most stressfull things in a persons life are:

    1) Loosing a loved one
    2) Moving home
    3) Changing jobs

    So with 2 out of 3 of the most stressfull things in the world, I think you are allowed to feel stressed out. However, I agree with the other two, it WILL all work out in the end, we dont know how, but it will....Why are you moving? What exciting venture awaits you in Kolkata? It is so exciting...tell me all!!!

  4. thanks so much anubha, muthu and jell....yes i know it will be alright at the end...but till it is so...stress stays...
    stress has become rather stubborn now a days....he refuses to go away...
    jell lotsa to tell...but right now cant...once i settle down in kolkata will send you a long update about my life...promise...till then...oh well...


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