Friday, 21 November, 2008


Suddenly I look up from my laptop and look abesently outside. I am thinking about social research, if you please. Suddenly my thoughts stop and focus on the scenery outside. It is a clear day, the blue sky is looking picture postcard awesome and it is snowing lightly. For someone like me, having grown up near the Tropic of Cancer, it is indeed a pleasant surprise and a sudden thrill.
I remember the first time it snowed the winter I spent in Toronto. One day in my usual winter gear (read resembling an Eskimo of the first order) I was standing in the bus stop, suddenly I felt a white something float down from the sky. I had heard and read about this numerous times but no one could prepare me for the real experience. Soon other snow flakes followed suit. I forgot the cold and the wind and went outside. It was like today a clear clear day and the snow flakes fell down from the heavens and gently kissed my upturned face. I stood there for a long time, much to the amusement of the passers by. Some even could relate my experience and smiled at me, some showed me thumbs up as if to say "girl I felt exactly the same way when I experienced my first snow fall...". Today I am alone in this room trying to meet a deadline and there is no one to see me drool over this snow. So dear readers I am sharing this with you. I am sure you have had similar experiences. Isnt it great?
Snowfall is synonymous of magic for me and the first snowfall is always the most magical. I know that during a long stretch of winter snowfall gets really depressing but initially it is very exciting. Snowfall reminds me of a long list of things and colours like white, cold, clear blue sky, Christmas, gifts, chocolates, green tea, waffles with cream and jam, crepes with maple syrup, nostalgic music, strange countries, sweet love, home away from home, Toronto and now Europe is added to this list. What is in your list do let me know?
Have a good day folks!


  1. My favourite is about 2 seconds before it starts to snow. When everything goes dead quiet and there is sort of a muffled sound haning around in the air...I love it!!!

  2. Hey,

    I hope you are ok and you are out of Mumbai already. Am very worried about your country!!

  3. hi sharanya,

    hey no i have not shifted to canada. i had lived there for a year and went to the uni of toronto.....when i wrote this piece i was in europe....i shifted back to kolkata...

  4. hey jell,

    thanks for your concern. i was never in mumbai. though my bro works there. he is fine, so is all my frnds and family who live there. i was in delhi, now i have moved back to my home city kolkata.
    moved back as in reached kolkata yesterday, just i have reached, my luggauge is on its life right now is in a lil mess...hopefully to be sorted out soon.....but so far loving it....ah the fun of getting up in the morning and getting ma's home cooked food is simply gorgeous....

  5. Heya,

    I remembered afterwards that you were in Delhi. I am glad all is fine with your family, and am so jealous that you are back in your parents house. It is a very nice feeling...


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