Thursday, 3 June, 2010

Curious about Cola?

I guess for the most of us (the unhealthy lot!) cola is a way of life. But have you ever wondered how Cola as a drink came into being? My husband and me, we discovered this cola called the Curiosity Cola. This cola has been in circulation since 1905. There is a brief history written at the back, which goes 'Originally the product of apothecaries, Colas' were first sold as "Health Drinks" and were viewed with curiosity by the public.' This company called the Fentimans claim to be making cola with that old recipe. In their words
'We have included a stimulating recipe of ingredients that revive the claims of yesteryear in brewing a drought from Bontanicals, with body and bite that is curiously invigorating."

This drink is sold in shops like the Taylors in Oxford. There also have other drinks like ginger beer and shandy.

We simply love it!


  1. Suchi,

    Your blog is extremely interesting and very varied. Its a delight. I am reading it after a long gap and i was rivetted by it. How do you have so much time?

  2. Thank you Sir. Such kind comments are very motivating to continue writing.

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