Sunday, 30 May, 2010

what is in your refrerigator?

i have a love hate relationship with my refrigerator. i love it when it is stocked  with food but at the end of the month/week when i open to find it empty  with  just two fruit flavored yogurt whose dates have long expired, some peppers, half a sad looking aubergine, half a jar of jam....i must say i hate my fridge then. i mean what the hell, why can't it be a little proactive and stock itself or hoard some food at least? today is not the day to be is Sunday and i feel like having sausages...why can't it figure that out and stock some sausages and produce them miraculously???

muttering darkly to myself at the unfairness of it all, i instead look at the cupboards hoping against hope that they would reveal riches/food beyond compare...wheat bites which are so horrible that we avoid it like plague, few apricots, a box of mint chocolates which i am not fond of (i am sure that is why the box has survived the month) and one lone soup stick which had evaded me this long and in the fruit basket two dead bananas.

it is such a depressing sight, i swear i feel like howling. but then life is sad and if at every turn we give in to the temptation to howl, i would be crying about 89.9% of the i refrain....instead i  hit the couch and tell my husband that its his turn to make breakfast or whichever meal we are trying to have. my husband being who he is, does a cursory round of the fridge and  promptly rings some food place. once the fresh hot food arrives, i forget the sad state of our fridge and happily eat. but then the next day or during the next meal i confront the fridge again and come away feeling more depressed than ever. cos by now i know it is officially my turn and i could order some food from outside but if i do not take charge of this situation, we  would be forever eating out. also i like a well stocked fridge with loads of food options...

so i drag a reluctant husband to do grocery. invariably we leave the list (over which i have laboured) at home or find it two days after the entire exercise  in one of the pockets of our bag which we never bothered to check.  anyways so while i try to take stock and remember what all we need to pick husband taking advantage of a preoccupied me, does his own grocery...   a bottle or two of wine, some smelly cheese, definitely some chocolate in which mint chocolate is definitely included...some meat to grill and the love of his life-- eggs  and for him grocery is over. with a triumphant smile  he is about to push the trolley towards check out,  at that instant my brain completes the mental grocery list, so with a smug smile i get him back to the shelves  chanting out the mundane things like pasta, milk, bread, veggies, fruits, yogurt, oil while he picks them up albeit reluctantly. some stuff like the bananas he protests vehemently over cos he hates them. so then we start a debate on what food we should eat with the banana in hand while some other person is desperately trying to reach for another dozen! just to be mean and to win the argument i point out that some of the stuff he has picked up are not good at all or way over our meagre now the other shoppers are giving us curious looks...i staunchly defending the fair trade bananas, while he is defending his wines.... we are suddenly rudely disturbed  when someone asks us to move from the front of the banana then we have both lost stem, so like loving partners we compromise on our food... giving up some and keeping others.

 back home after the fridge is stocked i feel quiet proud like i should be given a medal or something for good stocking. for the coming week i am happy with the choices that my fridge offers me....but once they start dwindling i start getting irritated cos i know that the day when our fridge will have nothing is not far away. but i keep pushing reality away and soon enough one Sunday when you feel like having a big lazy brunch...the fridge reveals nada and i hit the couch while husband happily orders food...

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