Tuesday, 13 July, 2010

Dreaming the impossible

Every time I see the blue sky from my window my soul wants to fly away. I wish I were a gull and the sky my home. Often I wonder if I were a gull what would I do. You see if I were a gull, I would be no ordinary gull, I would be as extraordinary as Jonathan Livingston Seagull!

During the morning, in the bright light of the sun, my soul wants to go seek the sun. I know it is a daring dream to want to meet the sun...but if I were a gull, I would certainly want to go as near the sun as possible. I know the mighty sun may scorch me but surely not if the sun knew my intention was just to pay him homage and not be destructive.

During sunset my soul wants to fly to the clouds turned pink by the rays of the setting sun and lounge there, hoping that the clouds go carry me away with them on their eternal travel. I would perch on a fluffy white cloud and go with her where ever she goes. Seeing the world from the top of a cloud would be so much fun. After traveling far and wide I would not mind  falling as rain on a parched piece of land. What joy if that land could be my mother land, my days in exile would come to an end. If I were a rain drop I would love to fall on the red soil of the land from where my ancestors came. I want to be the monsoon rain and bring relief to the land and nourish her children.

At night when the sky turns inky blue, I want to reach out for the twinkling stars. On clear nights, the stars seem so near, it seems like with their incessant twinkling they are calling me to them. Oh what joy it would be to go visit a cluster of stars and sit with them in the bosom of the night sky, to laugh and chat with them while the rest of the world sleeps. One turn of my head would show me that in the other part of the world it is light and they are all going around in their daily business. The stars would laugh at my amazement but me a mere mortal among the immortal stars would still be amazed.

Oh the impossible dreams...

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