Saturday, 31 July, 2010

Red balloon...

We were coming back from one of our usual treks to the grocery store when we saw this Virgin balloon flying really low over the Oxford roof tops.

We see this balloon often while waking home. Usually we see this balloon like a bright red speck in the sky, but that day it was huge and seemed really near and low. It seemed to be touching the roof tops. So much so we thought there was some problem and it was trying to make a forced landing. We could even see the bright fire flickering in the balloon. We  contemplated what would happen if the balloon made a landing in the grass track next to our house or worse still on the railway tracks. My husband got really excited and started running after the balloon like those boys who run after kites. I got worried wondering what if the balloon hit our roof. But pouring water over all our crazy contemplation the balloon sailed regally away from us, safe and secure but still very low.

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