Friday, 23 July, 2010

Oxford from a double decker bus....

This summer the regular buses have turned into double decker ones. I do not know if this is a regular feature of Oxford summer to deal with tourists, but I must say we are charmed. Both me and my husband, we get excited with double decker buses, especially if the first seat on top is free. We love sitting there. I had my camera with me during one such ride.

The photographs are taken while the bus had stopped on the High Street. The first two statues were on the main gate of some college. The third photo is that of the High Street, fourth one of the Plain, the fifth one of the clock just before the High Street branches into Cowley Road, Iffley Road and more and the last one is a pub right at the beginning of High Street. I liked the way reflection of houses on the other side of the road has fallen on the lens.

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