Wednesday, 3 November, 2010

Able & Cole organic veggies and fruits...

One of the main problems of super market shopping is the not so tasty veggies they sell. Ever since coming to the UK, I was feeling really fed up with the tepid veggies. Once or twice in Oxford we visited the farmer's markets...we loved exploring the markets and then picking up the fresh veggies. Also we did that from the Covered Market veggie stalls. They so reminded me of the veggie stalls in the markets back home. But somehow that did not become a habit and we mostly sourced our veggies and fruits from the super markets.
When we moved to London I was determined to break this habit. And just when I was wondering what to do, Able & Cole's leaflet came through the door. It seemed just like the thing we, chemical free, fresh and produced locally. We started ordering.
I must say its been a really long time since I tasted such lovely veggies. We get the deliveries on Tuesdays...I love opening the boxes and finding out what is there each week. Thanks to Abel & Cole, we have tried lots of new veggies. Normally if we are shopping in the super market or any other market for that matter, we hardly ever pick up strange veggies. But this box has loads of those. To simplify matters, their website has recipes or if you want to be more adventurous try other recipes. I have been using a lot of Jamie Oliver recipes and they have all come out lovely. So my cooking horizon has also expanded and I have learnt to cook veggies like celeriac, zucchini, red cabbage and lots more new ones.
Another important thing is our eating out has reduced a lot. When you have a fridge full of veggies, you hardly feel like wasting those and eating out.  So eating out has become twice a week, which is pretty healthy I think.
Right now we are taking the medium veg and fruit box, but they give so much stuff in this box, that our fridge is literally swimming with veggies. I cannot keep up cooking or eating them up. I am thinking of reducing the box size and see if the small box is better for us.

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