Wednesday, 17 November, 2010

This or that...

Letters or emails-- letters any day
Phone call or text messages-- Phone calls
Starters or deserts--Deserters
Day or night-- Night
Fashion or comfort-- Comfort
Classic or modern-- Classic
Black or white-- Black
Dark or light- Dark
Sing or dance- Neither, ok dance
Pray or fight-- Both, cannot choose
Mountain or sea-- Mountains
Tall or short-- Tall
Girl or boy-- Girl
Fair or dark-- Dark
Sun or moon-- Sun
Veggies or fruits-- Fruits
Vegetarian or non vegetarian-- Non, of course
Bright or dim-- Bright
Moral or immoral-- Immoral
Straight or crooked--Depends, if it is a road, crooked, if it is a character trait, straight
Impulsive or cautious-- Again depends
Planned or spontaneous-- Depends on mood
Acting or recitation-- Acting
Reading or writing-- Both....but mostly it would be reading
Drink or eat-- Eat
Past or future-- Future but a bit of past too
River or lake-- River
Sea or ocean-- Sea, ocean is way too big for me
Science or humanities-- Humanities
Designer labels or local products-- Local products any day
Organic or inorganic-- Organic
South or North-- South, I am from South Kolkata, after all
West or East-- East, after all the sun rises in the east
Sailing or flying-- Sailing
Trains or planes-- Trains
Cars or bikes-- Cars
Hilsa or Salmon-- Hilsa any day and every day
Eggs or milk-- Eggs
Coffee or tea-- Tea
Gold or silver-- Silver any day
Jewels or furs-- Jewels
Shoes or bags-- Bags
Ear rings or rings-- Ear rings
Blue or green-- Green
Pink or red-- Red
Butter or jam-- Butter
Cakes or cookies-- Cakes
Sunset or sunrise-- Sunset....hardly seen sunrises in my life...but when seen, loved them....
Fish or meat-- Meet
Sculptures or painting-- Paintings
Marble or wood-- Wood
Hard or soft-- Soft

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