Monday, 1 November, 2010

November to November

How time flies...I was going though some old posts of mine and stumbled across this silly poem written last November. We had just come to the UK, was in the processing of acclimatisation. Needless to say for me it took longer, coming from the land of sunshine and warm breezes. For my husband it was just a shift from one cold place to another.

Last year around this time in Oxford the weather had become really bleak and from our window it looked like we lived in the end of the world and the doors of doom are about to open and the devil would come galloping out.

This November in the middle of London, the idea of doom is less prevalent, though the weather is as grey and chilly as last year.

Another Halloween gone, this time a bunch of kids came knocking. We did not have any candies, had to make do with some Kit Kats.

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  1. Hey,

    Doing very well thank you. Have a GREAT job, nice car, bought a house. All is well and I am veery blessed. How is married life and the UK treating you?


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