Tuesday, 26 February, 2008

marraige anniversaries

It was my parents marriage anniversary yesterday. They have been married for the last 33 years. Imagine 33 years! They got married in 1975, had two kids and basically lead a successful life. Whenever I look at my parents or other couples of their generation I am filled with a kind of envy. Our generation with all our individuality, space etc etc has lost the kind of complete relationships that our parents enjoyed. You ask them and they will solemnly say that it has not been easy at all. Mothers will complain a bit more, fathers will smile indulgently, because they know at the end of it all what they wanted really happened, not what their wives wanted. Then there are mothers like mine who were married off every early without any oppurtunity to do anything else with her life. So mothers like these give complete freedom to their own daughters and egg them on to be achievers, if not achievers then at least give them the chance to life their lives their way.
But inspite of all these small things, I am sure our mothers did not get it all bad. They have good husbands, solid marraiges and very stable lives. I have often discussed this with my friends and all feel that our parents generation had something which ours do not. Maybe it is the complete trust and confidence our parents have on each other. Perhaps it is something else which we completely do not see or understand. Whatever it is kudos to it.
Here's wishing my parents and all other couples happy and long life togather!


  1. well, you very well know why i chose to comment on this. yes, even i have seen my parents together for the last 25 years, their marriage is one year senior to me. and yes, looking at them is amazing and mostly i remember the solid partnership which they played while we were growing. Today, i owe all my good habits of brushing my teeth in the morning, keeping things in their place,bathing daily, washing clothes, cooking, being honest with money, returning changes and a lot of other things. they had their throats hurting for years into making these things my second nature and in contrast to that i see my own past relationships, they are poles apart, i fear marriage and settling down because i simply cannot see my father in me. i do not want to take responsibilties which i cannot fulfill. i am so vagabond by nature but my dad says once you are in love, it will make you do everything just as it made him do all this. And i can see even my mom saying that i carry the traits of a good husband and a father, i dont know which subir they are talking about. anyways keep penning down, there are quite similar trains of thoughts and quite similar routes as well.

  2. thanks subir, so you finally posted :)


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