Tuesday, 15 April, 2008

Life in JNU continues...

Another JNU dairy written on 6th May 2003.
A few days back there was warden check in the hostel. Ever since I joined JNU I have been warned about this warden check. Usually there is one warden check every semester. Usually JNU hostels are the most liberal places, quiet a shock when you come hearing about miserable hostels with in times and out times. Each hostels have four wardens, but they never bother you. No one checks when you are coming or going or for that matter where or with whom. When I initially joined I used to feel really uncomfortable being so unaccounatable but then freedom grows on you.
Anyways to get back to the warden check, 4 wardens who split up in two groups and go to two wings; the process usually starts at 4 in the morning. I was alone in my room that day and when they knocked at around 4.30 in the morning I thought there was burglary or something in that line going on. Anyways after some sharp persistent knocks I had to open up, they took pity on my timid and perplexed state and one of the wardens said, “hi there we are your wardens, don’t be afraid and let us check your room.” Usually warden check in jnu hostels in something of an event. The next day the whole hostel was agog as to how the wardens behaved with them, some senior girl was pissed off cos the warden had commented seeing computer and air cooler in her room that “ you live in quiet a luxury”. Another girl was rather vocal cos the warden had not said” May I check your room” or something of that line. How dare they not say please?
But the real fun takes place in the boys’ hostel where usually in rooms meant for two 4/5 people stay. The boys lock their doors from outside; sometimes they jump over the verandas (usually each hostel room is accompanied by a small veranda). Just imagine at around 4/5 in the morning when in delhi unlike cal it is pitch dark, boys silently jumping over verandas in 2nd/3rd floors. Once a warden who is an ex jnuite, and probably aware of all that goes on, instead of passing by a room which was locked from outside, got hold of a chair and there is a glass partition on top of our doors, peeped through that. He saw about 20 boys crouching all over the room. He then demanded they open up and there was a lot of mess. The boys, who have their girlfriends staying over, usually pay the fine when the warden checks start so as to save the embarrassment all around. There have even been instances when the girls have gone and fought with the wardens as to why they have to pay fine for staying with their boy friends.


  1. Hahahhahhahhaaaaaaa.......unbelievable.....ahahhahhhahhaaa

  2. very funny... even in AMU we had to face situations like this. one nigh when we seniors were doing intro and suddenly a boy shouted" warden aya". we all ran to our rooms. juniors were too terrified as what happened as if they will be imprisoned soon.later when everything was silent for about 10 minutes, everybody started coming out and found that actually the boy has seen the car of procter but only driver was inside. no doubt juniors never gave intro after that!!

  3. Oh, you reminded me of hostel life. What fun. Now Im in la la land, smiling to myself, remembering those crazy times!! :)

  4. thanks for all your comments guys :) yes staying in hostel is a crazy experience, not to be missed by anyone....


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