Wednesday, 9 April, 2008

Old hunting...finally new house...

The thing is when I initially came to Delhi I used to live an hour away from office near IIT, then I shifted 10 minutes away from office in Lajpatnagar and now I am 6/7 houses from office, next I am planning to shift on top of my office. The terrace looks nice enough to shift in.
It all started when my two flat mates in Lajpatnagar started to fight. The girl in whose name the house was gave an ultimatum that we need to shift. So our (the other flat mate and me) hunt for houses started. We saw about 10 houses in Lajpatnagar. In six month’s time rentals have shot up by three to four thousand rupees. And the houses we saw were all designed like train compartments, with no privacy or sunlight. Looking at the same layout I got confused which is more important for my survival—sunlight or privacy. I was thanking God that She did not necessitate photosynthesis for my survival when that we found one house, which fitted our budget, and also one we liked. But the landlady turned out to be a firm and authoritative lady with fixed ideas of her own regarding how her tenants are going to behave. Beautiful house rejected.
Finally my flat mate found this house just a stone’s throw away from office within our budget, the house is nice and the landlord is not all that nosy. We literally jumped at it. I have a feeling that the last tenants were not even ready to go. But we paid one month’s advance without giving anyone to change their mind about anything.
We shifted last Sunday and even since I have fallen in love with our new terrace. It is beautiful place on the 5th floor of a corner plot. There is a park right in front of us and also on our left hand side. In the evening the breeze just blows you away. Everyday after returning home from office, I just park myself there and it is utter glory.


  1. nice d best blogs i have come across in my life.

  2. wow what a compliment...thanks :)

  3. Hello there!!! nice to read about the house we share!!! I am going to start writing pretty soon. so then we can compare notes!


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