Wednesday, 16 April, 2008

Something which lifts you heart...

Do you have a piece of music in your life to which you can take refuge in when you sad, depressed or plain bored with life? Something, which you can listen to infinite number of times? Not some song, but just a piece of music?
Luckily I do and this piece of music came to my life through an e card sent by a friend long back. The first time I opened this e card I was not expecting much, just a wish from a friend. Casually while doing a million other things I listened to the music. But soon after it started playing, I stopped everything I was doing and sat still listening to it with all my heart. The music just flowed around me like cool water and it kept swirling round and round and by the time it ended I was mesmerized. Listening to the music made me feel very special. This music has the capacity to lift me up from my mundane surroundings and transport me to this magical world of clouds and greenery, maybe on the peak some lonely hill track.
Just to make sure that I was not imagining the whole effect I listened to this music again, and yet again it had the same effect on me. Whenever I listen to it I cannot help feeling enthralled. But more importantly it just lifts my mood and makes me feel good about my life and myself. I have long lost touch with the friend who had sent it to me; I don’t even know whether the long lost friend knows how much this music has contributed in my life. I will always treasure this music in my life.
If you have time, please just listen to this. You will realize what I am talking about--

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