Friday, 11 April, 2008

a thousands thoughts...

Do thousand different thoughts and emotions ever flock your mind and heart at the same time? And then before you can actually pin one of them down to ponder over it, they all disappear in a rush just like the way they came? Do you feel tired and deflated worrying that all the great thoughts and ideas are lost forever? In fact this reminds me of the waves in seashore—they come splashing and before you realize they just withdraw back again. This is something, which keeps happening to me a lot now days. I keep having new ideas only for them to disappear. It was one of the primary reasons why I started writing this blog—to pin and pen my thoughts down firmly so that they do not escape. Like for example whenever I hear this song ‘Baanwra Man Dekhne Chala Ek Sapna’ (quoted in my previous posting) I feel so many different emotions yet by the time I get to the stage of deciphering them they have all receded. And I am left feeling frustrated that I cant hold them long enough to relish them or analyze them. Maybe I am a bit crazy wanting to savor and post mortem my thoughts or maybe I am just a woman. I would like to write my thoughts down so that later I could come back to them and just toy with them. Maybe I could write about them in my blog so that the few of my friends who read my blog can read them. But thoughts are like butterflies—they are never still, fluttering around, refusing to be pinned. Wow in a 300 word write-up I have compared thoughts to sea waves and butterflies. Let me stop before I get too poetic and it all gets out of hand.

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