Wednesday, 11 June, 2008


found this while browsing through on another guy's blog. really liked it. so nipped it, but left him a thank you.

loved the pic and right now in my present mental frame i need the reminder that i can live life my way.

having a difficult kind of time-- too much heart to heart sharing in family which is making me do silly things like sit and cry in office, fighting with a friend for some bizzare, unknown reason. and here i thought only women were hormonal! hit the tip of emotional ice berg with another friend------------------------HOLD ON I NEED A BREAK.

no break yet--same stress in office, work piled as high as ever, hit the writer's block (if you consider the fact that i am a writer).....woes continue....but this pic assures me that 'I CAN DO IT'.


  1. i m finally writtin

    I jus love ur blog

    its great!
    u write well
    keep writting
    all d best
    urs faithfull reader

  2. hey smriti, how lovely yo hear from you :)
    have a blast in bombay...see you on


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