Friday, 27 June, 2008

Blog Obsession

Ok confession time. My blog obsession has reached new heights, not only have I been posting like a torrent, rest of the time I am cruising through the blog world, looking at others’ blogs. It is a great pass time and like I mentioned in one of my previous posts I have discovered such a diverse, breathtaking world and I’m loving it.
Some of the blogs I saw are real visial treats with beautiful photographs. From there I got the idea to install photoshop in my computer and learn to make my blog interesting with nice photographs. Easier said than done. While I got the software installed, I have no clue how to operate it. I tried reading online but even the most basic lessons are not making much sense to me!
Anyone with any brilliant ideas?

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  1. just target a photograph and do all sorts of discoveries with the tools in the photoshop. believe me it is not that difiicult. it just need the Junoon of a child.


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