Sunday, 15 June, 2008

My daddy strongest....

Today is Father's Day. So far every Mother's Day I have wished my mother, but whenever father's day comes somehow or the other I miss wishing my dad. Here is a small ode to the man who brought me to this world and has been nourishing me ever since.
Fortunately for me I was born to parents who really welcomed me. I am told that when I was born my father was so excited that he my mamas present there and treated them each to a whole chicken. I have a feeling my mamas remember the whole chicken more than my birth!
My father was always very involved in my upbringing and as a baby it was my dad who took care of me more than my mother. According to ma, it was my dad who used to get up at night to give me the feeding bottle, change my daipers etc.
My brother is six years younger to me. I remember very cleary when he was born my parents especially my dad taking special care so that I dont feel unloved or uncared for. My mom says that when I was young dad used to pamper me a great deal. He would come back tired from office and immediately take me out to a playground or if at home start to play with me. I remember a time when everyday my dad used to bring a small gift home for me-- a candy, a bun, some oranges or apples. I remember pouncing on him to get my goody. Weekends were always special since there would always be an outing to the zoo, Victoria Memorial, some museum or at least the park. I was always my dad's pet and even today the trend continues.
Bedtimes with dad was also great fun. He had to tell me stories for an hour or so before I was ready to fall asleep. He had made up this story about a tiger escaping from zoo and coming to our house. Every day he had to tell me the same story and how angry I used to get if he changed even a little bit of it.
My brother and me, we have always had equal oppurtunities. I dont remember ever being deprived or discouraged because I am a girl. Rather I used to get special favours because I was a girl. It was positive discrimination through and through which I am sure wasnt always fair to my brother.
Here's wishing every girl gets a dad like mine.


  1. Amen to that! Lovely piece Suchi.....I had two wonderful Dads - Papa who was responsible for my coming into this world and making who I am; he never pampered me but always encouraged me to choose my path as long as I believed in it and was sure and he was not; and Baba - I am not sure if he adopted me but I surely adopted him and he nurtured me and made me feel like I ruled the world. I think you and I are the lucky few in these times of discrimination against the girl child and rampant foeticides and female infanticides
    My salaams to your Dad.......

  2. Hey thats what I wanted to tell you this morning, I read your blog, it was very moving


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