Tuesday, 24 June, 2008

Oh no I tagged myself…..

1. Last movie you saw in a theater: Sex & The City (yes I finally saw it)
2. What book are you reading: Orhan Pamuk's Istanbul and Snow, William Dalrymple's The Last Mughal, rereading Three Men in a Boat by Jerome K. Jerome and a love story called Resistance set in the Second World War times.
3.Favourite board game: Ludo and Chinese Checkers and loads of card games…also was learning chess at one point, loved it but….
4.Favourite magazine: None, read them only in doc's chambers…but would like to keep track of the National Geographic, Readers Digest, Times etc
5.Favourite smells: Loads of them—smell wafting in from my mother’s kitchen, fresh flowers, especially while passing some nook or cranny I can suddenly smell some far away flower, fruits like oranges and mangoes, eucalyptus oil, pages of a new book and also an old book, old clothes stored in my mother’s almirah, woolies when they come out after a year’s storage, babies smell, though only the good ones…list goes on….
6.Favourite sounds: My parents chatting together over morning tea, rain drops on the windowsill, music, laughter, strangers talking in foreign languages …
7. Worst feeling in the world: Death…and... the realization that I failed.
8.What is the first thing you think when you wake:
On good days—Yes! I am happy and thankful to be alive and kicking and on bad days---Oh no work calls.
9.Favourite fast food place:
Loads of them— topping the list would easily be roll corners of Kolkata.
10.Future child's name:
Give me some time to rake my brains and names data base… 11.Finish this statement "If i had a lot of money i would” be rich!
12.Do you drive fast? –
Don’t drive, after I nearly killed a man…
13.Do you sleep with a stuffed animal-
Oh yes how did you guess? ;(
14.Storms cool or crazy? – Natural ones—cool as long as the roof over my head does not fly away, emotional ones--- super scary.
15.What was your first car? –
I don’t have any…but can I talk about my dad’s first car please? It was an old Morris Minor model, which needed to be pushed in order to start…remember as a kid to pitch in the pushing bit…
16.Favourite drink-
Water—cool and refreshing and also my regular cup of green tea.
17.Finish the statement "If i had the time I would"-
run away to the Himalayas/ sleep for a month/ finish reading all the books in the world/ listen to all the music I can get my hands on……rest goes on in predictable manner…
18.Do you eat the stems on broccoli? –
No never, not me.
19.If you could dye your hair any colour, what would be your choice?
Rainbow colours
20.Name all the different cities/town you have lived in.- Kolkata (home sweet home), Delhi and Toronto
21.Favourite sports to watch. –
Figure skating
23.What's under your bed? -
Bits and pieces of me, which decompose and fall of at times…
24.Would you like to be born as yourself again? – No way I am too boring to be reincarnated again and again. Need several more reincarnations— Celtic priestess, a mathematical genius during Harapan/ Vedic civilization, Egyptian Pharoah’s wife, Roman princess, a witch, a gypsy, Razia Sultana, a literally genius, a revolutionary fighting the Brits to quit India, one of the early feminists fighting for women’s franchise…. the list goes on…
25. Morning person or Night Owl? –
Night person. Am not an owl please I do not squint.
26.Over easy or sunny side up? –
Sunny side up please.
27.Favourite place to relax –
Our terrace…it is the most awesome place in this whole wide world…and also my home Kolkata where I grew up.
28.Favourite pie -
Apple with vanilla ice cream…forgotten the other pies...ah yes peacan pie...
29.Favourite ice cream flavour.
Loads of them…mostly fruity ones, sometimes chocolate…
30.Of all the people you tagged this to, who is most probable to respond first. -
Didn’t tag anyone. Don’t have the patience…maybe some other time.

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