Friday, 13 February, 2009

Drifting afternoons...

Around this time of the year Kolkata has the best afternoons and it is lovely to watch the afternoons turning into evenings slowly. In the winters the process is too abrupht and short while in the summer it is too hot. Only this time round the process is slow and enjoyable. Today I was watching the afternoon drift from one of the windows in my office. The breeze felt really nice up where I was standing. Just next building is the campus of Ballygunj Science College, so there are trees everywhere. Down below you see students, sometimes in gangs, sometimes in twosome and sometimes alone trudging along with their big bags and books in hand. Watching the students pass reminds me of my student days. Incidentally I used to walk down this road to my school. How long away they seem. In my mind's eye I can see myself trottering along just the same way these kids, worrying about an exam or chatting with friends. Going to school was always a rushed thing, not so returning. Usually Sambaran and me, we used to walk down together. Ah for those days of innocence.

Coming back to this time of the year, I am not surprised that St Valentine chose to celebrate lovers' day now. I know it is dreadfully cold and snowing in some countries but in places like Kolkata the weather is just ready for romance and there seems to be a little love scattered in the air. It is like love is blowing gently in the wind, you just have to reach out and then you can touch it. But be careful, love wont come to you if you are a cynic or non believer. Just have faith in the goodness of life dear friend and hang in there, love sooner or later touches and heals all.

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