Wednesday, 11 February, 2009

New sitting area, crow nest and mangoes...

For the sake of continuity, let me state my present mood. No more negativity or cribbing, time to cheer up and be myself.

Remember how I cribbed about the new sitting arrangement in my new office. Well it is not all that horrible, it has its perks as well. The new place where I am sitting is in the second floor. The room has lovely windows and the moment I enter office, I move the ugly blinds and open the shutters. It is spring in Kolkata, so lovely weather outside. The room fills up with fresh air and sunlight. I know this wont be possible for long, but let me enjoy this as long as it lasts. Just next to our office building is a huge mangoe tree. I can almost touch it from my window. A crow has made a nest in one of the higher branches and little crows babies continously cry for their mother and food. The cacophony produced by them is actually quiet enjoyable. The blackbird is also out singing. I am getting quiet used to working with these sounds in the background.

Most interesting is that little buds have started to bloom in the mango tree. With an almost nonexsistent summer it promises to be a long and hot summer. Mangoes sure are one of the exciting and interesting gifts that summer gives. I cant wait to see these buds turning into mangoes. I have a feeling with the help of a stick I would even be able to pluck out a few ripe ones. Wouldnt that be interesting???

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  1. Its those little miracles of nature that make our lives so much better...


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