Thursday, 5 February, 2009


Just when I was settling in my new job and trying to fit in and get to know people, my desk got moved. Before this I was sharing the room with two other people and though a little noisy, it was a fun place. We used to have these impromptu chat breaks. Now I have been shifted to this new room, which is tucked between two rooms and I am quiet alone in this room. The other desk is lying empty waiting for a new recruitment to fill it. I do not like this new place of mine. It is tucked away in one corner and quiet lonely.

Another thing to crib about. This sure is turning out to be a super bad new year!


  1. I hate moving...Home, work, office, and I would not cope well if I had to be in an office all alone...good luck

  2. nothing is permanent except (accept)change!!!


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