Wednesday, 18 February, 2009

Shed off....

Is it possible to totally shed off all prejudices?

Today while coming to office with my dad, he made a comment which got me thinking about this. Leave everyone, can I shed off all biases and be totally fair and impertial in my beliefs????

Can anyone be like this?


  1. Don't know if shedding all prejudices and beleifs just like that is possible, but being aware that you are operating from your prejudice and not from reality, in my opinion, is a huge step

  2. It is impossible to be totally fair and impartial. We are humans each with their own values and beliefs and we will never be able to put those behind us. This is what shapes us. However like Anugem said, its important to realise that you have differences and to be aware of them.

  3. prejudices are like friction (in physics) which are termed as "necessary evil".


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