Tuesday, 15 January, 2008

friends and me

i am another one of the millions of friends fan all over the world. i dont remember when exactly i started to watch this serial but i guess for the last 7/8 years friends have been an integral part of my life. i cant tell you how many times i have seen the reruns of each episode!
even now some tv channel lacking fresh programme airs this serial. or maybe they do it for people like me whom they know would be watching it even if it is the hundred and eleventh rerun!
a lot has been said about this serial and the people who acted in them. i dont want to go into that. rather let me share how this serial impacted me. when i was in india i used to watch it just like i used to watch some serials, maybe i liked it a bit more than others!
then i went to live abroad for about a year. the whole day i used to be busy in school, but come evening i used to dread going home. i could never figure out what to do once i am home. no i think i hated opening the door and entering an empty house alone even more than spending the vening alone.then i discovered that one of the channels air this serial from 7 or 7.30 p.m. so every evening i used to go home and switch on the television for an episode of friends. these actors so well known to me appeared every evening without fail and include me in their warmth. reruns felt like friends sharing some old story which everyone knows yet something which people cant resist talking and sharing! once i saw friends i stopped feeling so lonely and could go about doing my own work. then the evening didnt seem like never ending and school work claimed all my attention.
even now i watch friends reruns every evening thanks to star world. it is like a welcome back to my home for me and my room mate. we just let the television play while we potter around the house or work in the kitchen. at times we dont even watch it, just the familiar music makes us feel good!
i know many people dont like friends, many think it is slapstick...but it has helped me a lot in my life especially at times when i was alone...

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