Wednesday, 23 January, 2008

netaji's birthday

today is the 23rd of january...i started my day much like every other day till i saw the date on my is netaji's birthday...ever since in school it has been a special day for me...firstly we used to get the day off in memory of the great hero...seconly my dad used to make it a point to take me and my brother to netaji's house in elgin road whenever he could...i still remember going there to watch the function with my father. then later invariably one of the television channels used to show a movie made on netaji's life.
my father is a great sotry teller and he used to tell us stories of how netaji escaped from his elgin road house defying the british he had gone to japan to make allies to fight the brits!
as a citizen of india i pay my respect to one of the bravest son of india

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