Saturday, 19 January, 2008

who do i blog for?

now that i have taken to blogging so obsessively...i have been thinking whom exactly do i write in this blog for? do i write for myself? i have always written a diary on an on and off basis depending on my mood...but this is the first time i have made it public...
so do i write for my readers? does anyone even ever read my stuff? well i got three feedbacks from 3 friends who said that they had checked out my blog due to the tag in my gtalk and liked it... one of them was even pretty suprised that i can write! that was quiet a nice feedback...
ever since i made this blog of mine public i have been checking to see if i have recieved any comments! this is actually what got me thinking why am i actually writing this blog? when i see that i havent got any comment it does feel a bit disappointing!
so my new resolution is not to let my blog be bogged down by comments...but just keep writing!
but you know what i have modified the comments setting so that people can comment without much hassle!

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