Friday, 11 January, 2008

new year's resolution

ok, first things is already the second week of january and i havent yet come up with this year's resolution list!

ok here goes my list...
1.become a chain smoker and not smoke once in a while like i used to till now;
2. eat chips and junk food everyday;
3. drink every day;
4. be shameless;
5. cut down on work;
6. stop reading;
7. shop even if i have to borrow money and become bankrupt in the process;

ok this might be the longest list of resolutions that i have ever made and they look the thoughest to maintain. but i hereby make a solemn pledge that i will try not only to maintain them but also improve on them!


  1. Quite nice, felt good going thru ur blog, especially the nagaland trip. keep it up.

  2. Hi, Suchismita, saw ur blog. very nicely done. gotta knw, u had been to Nagaland...infact, NE is a beauty unexplored...i had been to Assam, Meghlaya, planned last year to visit arunachal, but cudnt...arunachal is no less beauty than kashmir, but sadly not marketed properly...i hope nxt time u also see that place. this year im planning to go der...lets see...!!

  3. hey bobby thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. i tried to go to yours but copuldnt get acess. well as a kid i had been to tripura, assam, meghalaya and sikkim. now i did nagaland. almost got a chance to go to arunachal, but that cancelled at the last moment :( do u have pics of the places u visited? maybe we could swap them!


Hey there, thanks for your comment, let me take a peek and I will soon post it. Cheers!