Thursday, 2 October, 2008

Durga Pujo is here...well almost...

Durga Pujo starts this Monday and folks back home are getting frenzied. My parents have asked me a couple of hundred times whether I have got new clothes, if I am going to take leave and visit pujo pandals in C R Park (bongo heartland of Delhi). I assure them that I am ready for pujo. But truth be told this year I have had not done any preparations. Dont know why, it is not that I am very busy this year. That was last year's story. Just before pujo I was so busy that I was working almost 20 hours a day for a month, but even then I managed to get some new clothes and by the time pujo came I shifted to my cousin's house in C R Park with all my new fineries and had a great pujo.

But this year I am just not in the mood. Imagine pujo is here and I am not in the mood!
I am throughly scandalised at my own lack of interest.

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  1. well i guess thats got a lot to do with other 'important' things on your mind!!


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