Sunday, 5 October, 2008

Some of my ear rings....

Satutory Warning: If you do not drool over ear rings and think they are women's best friends then please do not read this posting, you are sure to get bored.
This Saturday, Anubha and me did some spring cleaning of my ear rings. I have been facinated with ear rings since school. Though facinated I was, I never got into gold. I find gold very boring and also wearing gold is so much responsibility like be careful, dont loose it types that I am much better off without gold in my life. My mother is not the sort who likes silver and other junk jwellery, she is a regular gold wearer. So she was not much help in this regard. During my teens I used to collect whatever was in fashion like plastic ear rings courtesy Madhuri Dixit in some movie like Sajan or Dil. Thankfully I soon developed some good sense and left behind plastic and other such tacky stuff. Now I concerntrate mostly on silver, copper, beads and other interesting stuff like tribal jwellry like there is a special tribal jwellery from Orissa called Dokra. The metal looks like gold but is not so. You can see one ear ring in the picture above. Like all good things in my life even this was encouraged by my dad. In fact my first pair of nice dangling silver ear rings were gifted by my dad. I still remember those shopping expidetions when dad and me, we would pour over ear rings and my mother throughly bored would be hurrying us up and be really impatient.
When I was in class x my cousin sister got married and left me her booty of some great silver jwellery. Her stuff was all acquired with great care over the years from Jaipur. I was estatic when she gave me all of that. I still have those preserved. I started collecting silver ear rings since college but in the past one year have gone way beyond and collected silver ear rings like mad. I spend most of my salary on these ear rings. Some of my ear rings on display here. Uff I am so proud of them, they make me complete.
If you are interested in silver jwellery Johri Bazar of Jaipur is the best place to go. They have some amazing stuff and price wise much cheaper than Delhi, while the range is greater. There are some two hundred or more silver shops in that bazar, I can very easily spend days there.
Next is Delhi-- Dilli Haat, Chadni Chowk, Silver Line in Khan Market and one shop in Janpat and other shops strewn all over the city.
Jaipur and Delhi are the best two places to go silver shopping. Other cities I find too expensive. Tibetans also have amazing silver collections like in Goa, Delhi, Dharmashala and other hill stations. But I find them too exorbitant.
Silver should never be bought abroad. One ear ring which would cost Rs250 in India easily costs $25 dollars. In that money five more ear rings would come.

In case you ever need any help silver shopping you can always count on me. I charge only one ear ring for an entire shopping expidition. Now ain't it cheap???

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