Friday, 3 October, 2008

Mighty Celebrations....

Flower power: This bunch of flowers from Sapphire impressed a whole cross section of women- me, my mother, my roomies Anubha and Jayshree, office friends Aparna and Rekha, one of my best friends Angira and my cousin sisters. Dont think left anyone else out of the list. We women are so silly.

This cake came for my cousin sister, my bro-in-law and me, a week ago from my aunt and uncle. It was a group birthday celebration at Delhi Gymkhana Club with loads of food. The cake was yummy. The little chipped portion is courtesy Shubham, who did it all too swiftly before his parents could react. Tinku is the me in the cake.

My niece Amrita and nephew Subham more excited with the cake! than the birthday celebrating adults. Amrita valiantly trying to stave off Shubham from wrecking further damage to the cake.

29th September midnight. Our terrace...Anubha and Jayshree and this gooey cake. In case you are wondering gentle is my nickname for my gentle and ladylike nature.

Aparna, Rekha and me attacking this ice cream on my birthday afternoon.

The orange bunch was given by Rekha.
There were two more cakes, one got in office by Rekha and Aparna and the other in the evening in my cousin's house in C.R. Park, in the excitement of the birthday celebration we forgot to click photos.


  1. happy birthday suchi :) when was it ?

  2. thanks was on the 29th...

  3. for your gentle and ladylike!! never got a chance to experience that!!

  4. Was in CR Park on the 29th......tried calling give you a surprise. Then tried chatting with you on the 30th but you were lady I was in your city from the 29th to the 3rd.....


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